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Are you telling your brand's story?

This week we are sharing advice from the Avery WePrint team for Small Business Advice Week. Already this week we have talked about online community management, branding and PR and today we are delving into the world of creating content and storytelling.

One of the most important things to remember when creating any kind of content is it has be to interesting, relevant, informative, educational and/or entertaining. You need to create content that adds value for your readers.

Let’s be honest! Who doesn’t love a story? Whether it’s one told round the dinner table, sat at a bar with friends or cuddled up on the sofa after a long day at school. From young kids to adults around the world, stories have been told and shared forever.

Its stories that people are sharing time and time again whether online or via word of mouth, but still so many businesses are forgetting the aspect of storytelling in their marketing mix.

How can I improve storytelling in my business?

1) Remember people connect with people, not brands. Make sure your tone of voice is friendly, informative and responsive. Create a brand that your audience can truly relate to.

2) Always find the human story – People are much likely to connect with a human related story as they tend to be more emotive. Make sure your stories always begin with the most emotive and engaging part to encourage people to read on.

3) Share your brand’s story – By this we don’t mean tell your audience everything about you, as they will soon switch off to your product messaging. But do involve them in your marketing activity and discussions and join conversations that your audience are engaging in. Involve people in your story as much as possible as if they feel involved they will be more likely to share.

4) Use blogs to share a story in more detail – People don’t tend to read long Facebook posts so keep your introductions short and use a blog to tell the whole story as people who are really interested will click and read on. Make that intro enticing and interesting so people want to find out how the story ends.

5) User-generated content is another great way of telling a story as it comes across much more real. You are also more likely to get the ball rolling in terms of shares when you are using content from your community as they will be willing to share it too.

6) Take readers on a journey. This is the single most important thing to remember for any storyteller whether an author, journalist or simply creating content for brand digital channels. The way in which you tell a story is likely to have a huge effect on its reach in the digital age.

7) A picture can really tell a story so think about what pictures you are posting with your content. Pictures can really catch the eye when followers are scrolling through their Twitter feed.

What do I need to communicate my brand's story?

Avery WePrint has a range of products which you can use to help communicate your story wherever you are. From ring binders to labels to laptop skins to wall stickers to business cards; one story can be told many times over by printing your key messages on a wide range of products. Take a look at our Pinterest board to see how our team are sharing their most inspiring advice on WePrint products to celebrate Small Business Advice Week

3 September 2015