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6 ways to ensure your craft products get noticed

When you’ve taken the time to create something handmade to sell you will want to ensure you have the best tools to showcase your products. However, for a small or new craft business marketing budgets can be very tight.

Check out a few simple ideas that don’t need to break the bank.

  1. Business cards – Make sure whenever you are attending a craft fair or show you have plenty of business cards so that people who purchase something know where to buy when they need a new one or want an alternative product. You could create smaller runs so the cards are personalised to each show e.g. “It was great to meet you at Bedale Summer Fair”. That way the customer will remember where they saw you and hopefully look out for you next time. This may sound like a more expensive option but on Avery WePrint you create the designs using our free software so it’s easy to just edit the text and we’ll only print the amount you need.
  2. Address labels – If you send out craft products to customers add your logo or an image to your address label to make your parcel stand out more amongst other mail.
  3. Return Address Labels – Create a batch of small labels which you can add to the reverse of your parcel. This will ensure if it was to get lost in the post it could be returned back to you.
  4. Make customers smile – Why not add a label to your parcel which will create an element of surprise. This could be something simple like ‘Open Me’ or a ‘Fabulous treat awaits’. It’s the kind of thing that people share and makes people remember you.
  5. Postcards – Show your customers how much you appreciate their order by creating personalised postcards to send inside the parcel. This could say something like ‘You’re awesome” or “Thank you for helping a small business” or even an inspiring quote. You want it to be something they will stick on their fridge and keep as a reminder of your company.
  6. When attending events to sell products you want to ensure you show off a professional image and a personalised binder for your paperwork can portray just that.
  7. Product labelling – Whether you sell products in bottles, jars or boxes you can print labels using Avery WePrint. This is easy for you to add your own logos, images, colours and text. Once you have your design, we’ll print and send them to you.

Have you got any other tips to get your crafting business noticed? Comment below and let us know!

29 April 2016