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5 Corporate Event Media Tips

In this ever-increasingly digital time, it can be easier to discount printed media at corporate events. It's important to remember that printed media has an important part to play and can create a tangible link between a person and a brand, especially at a corporate event. trade show or exhibition.

Top printed media tips

Check out our top tips for printed media at corporate events below. Remember, you can create these products with Avery WePrint.

#1 Create event-specific business cards

After attending a series of corporate events, exhibition shows and trade fairs, it can be a pain to remember where you met certain individuals. Make it easier on your new contact and include the event you’re exhibiting at. You could even include an event-specific hashtag to use on social media if they want to connect via twitter or LinkedIn. The business cards pictured are great at creating a professional but creative impression to prospective clients - showcasing both your creative work as well as a positive introductory statement.

#2 Link to digital

Create a link to your digital marketing efforts. Use printed media to bridge the gap between your digital marketing and traditional efforts. This can be done through QR codes, linking to your online presence, social media hashtags or even adding your website URL. You can even add your social media accounts to your business cards to help your prospective clients connect with you socially.

#3 Use stickers to increase brand awareness

Stickers are a great way to introduce your brand to new people. Add a couple to goodie bags – people are more likely to use stickers. You’ll often see stickers from corporate events and exhibition shows on work noticeboards and cubicle walls – especially if the design is cool and exciting.

#4 Advertise with wall stickers!

Avery WePrint Wall Stickers for Corporate Events

Advertise your business and upcoming events with wall stickers

Wall stickers are perfect for creating one-time advertising at corporate events and trade shows. It’s perfect for event-specific advertising – especially when you’re trying to make an event venue more unique to your organisation. Wall stickers can be removed with ease, which makes them perfect for one-time advertising for events.

#5 Use high quality printed products

Ensure your printed marketing materials are high quality products. For example, your business cards should be at least 300gsm. Many choose to use a matt finish as the focus is on the print itself.

Do you use printed media at your corporate events or exhibition shows? Comment below and let us know.

30 March 2015