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​5 Ways to Compete with Big Retailers and Win

Every small business faces challenges, especially when you’re up against major retailers. But whether you’re selling online, in a shop or on a market stall, you can compete with the big players.

We’ve put together five ways in which smaller businesses can have the advantage when it comes to giving your customers a great experience, and keep them coming back for more.

1. Take the stress out of shopping

Big shops can be a hassle. They get very crowded at busy times and finding what you want can be difficult with miles of aisles to negotiate.

As a smaller, independent retailer, you can make the shopping experience much more pleasant by helping people find what they’re looking for and providing a personal service. You can also add little surprises that customers will appreciate, such as free samples, a well-placed comfy chair and even the occasional beverage.

2. Add a personal touch

You’re much better placed than a large organisation to add a personal touch. And it’s those little extras that let the customer know you care. It could be a handwritten thank you message on a card with your brand design, for example, or a customer’s name on a product label.

To make a positive impact for a small amount of time and effort, visit the Avery WePrint range. You’ll find labels and stickers, cards, signage and CDs or DVDs, as well as skins for phones and laptops which can all be customised with your own designs.

5 Ways to Compete with Big Retailers and Win

3. Build better relationships with customers

People like to support local businesses. And you can reciprocate by supporting community and charity events. (Research by UK local authorities shows that a greater proportion of the money spent with small or medium-sized businesses stays in the local economy than with big retailers.)

People also like to support businesses that promote their values or ethos. For some, it’s very important to know who they’re buying from and to know about the provenance of products.

Building these relationships will encourage customers to feel invested in your business. They’ll gladly open your emails and respond to social media posts. Every business has a story and by sharing yours online and through face-to-face interaction, you can build a loyal following.

5 Ways to Compete with Big Retailers and Win

4. Be more flexible

Smaller businesses tend to be more nimble than larger ones. That means you don’t have to carry vast amounts of stock, and you can respond more quickly to changes in customer demands.

You can also be more flexible with your labelling and branding to reflect changing seasons or local themes. If you’re launching a new product, or re-branding, you can experiment with different designs using Avery WePrint’s low minimum orders.

5. Let your personality shine

Your business is original and unique – a one-off! Customers will appreciate the difference, especially if you make sure that you and your staff are always friendly and helpful.

Reflect your personality in your branding. If you’re running an e-commerce businesses that means thinking through the fulfilment packages you send out, and the messages, coupons or other little touches you include.

If you’re selling in a shop or on a market stall, use signs, loyalty cards, labels and stickers to get your branded messages across.

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26 June 2018