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5 packaging tips for your product

1. Stickers work well together.

@flatlaydesign get their brand across with their branded stickers on each envelope. These
are complimented by “do not bend” stickers that accompany them. To add extra touches
of personalisation handwrite addresses and small doodles to highlight the stickers.

2. Spread some positivity, this is happy mail after all.

@fibermile do this on this inside and out. Let your customers know their order has arrived with a
sticker on the outside, its also nice for your postie. Then place a label on the inside of your boxes
with a heartfelt message to make your customer smile when they open it; it’s also a good place
to add social tags.

3. Go eco

@sustainability.sisterss pack and send their eco rakhi in kraft envelopes for the post. Place a sticker
(if you like this one the template is here) on the front of the package with recycling instructions on the
back. Add in any extra messages with these little hearts, they're made from seeded paper that will
grow flowers, this adds a lasting memento.

4. Let your packaging do the talking.

@aribarras keep their packaging simple and its extremely effective. Keep your brand colours
consistent, Ari Barras took this a step further by matching their text colour to the tissue paper. Add
a luxury feel by wrapping your items in tissue paper and sealing it with a sticker. Add any care
information, messages or social media handles to a business card and add extra impact with some
dried flowers or grasses. All these elements together create a luxury experience for the customer.

5. Everyone loves a freebie!

If you’ve got low cost items in your store they make great freebies. Take for example these
scrunchies from they’re not only great little gifts but also introduce people
to prints and fabrics from other products. It also makes your customer feel special and valued,
which can be hard to do when selling online.

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15 October 2020