Avery® Round Labels

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Ø 15mm
150 Labels per sheet
Ø 20mm
88 Labels per sheet
Ø 25mm
48 Labels per sheet
Ø 30mm
48 Labels per sheet
Ø 35mm
35 Labels per sheet
Ø 37mm
24 Labels per sheet
Ø 40mm
24 Labels per sheet
Ø 45mm
20 Labels per sheet

Round labels have so many uses, whether it’s around the home, in the office, workplace or at events. They are great for highlighting and promoting and perfect for labelling homemade products and gifts, not forgetting pricing of products too. We offer a wide selection from round neon labels and glossy product labels, to removable and permanent labels in white and a range of colours.

And, for quick colour coding and highlighting, our circle and dot labels comes in handy dispensers for instant use.

Blank round labels

Blank Round Labels

A huge range of labels for your printer, delivered in 1-2 workings days

Printed round labels

Professionally Printed Round Labels

You design online, we print, delivered in 2-3 working days

Every Label Tells A Story

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