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Customised labels for your brownies
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Make your own personalised brownie labels

Are you a small business or hobby baker looking to create personalised labels for your brownie packaging?  If you've got the box, we've got the label. Choose from over ten shapes and materials plus custom options so you can get the exact size you need. Take a look at our free designs and make them your own, or upload your finished design to our site. 

These labels aren't just for the outside, use a large rectangle label for the inside of your boxes, that can hold all the allergen information required. Or get all your flavours printed on smaller labels and place them on the roof of the box so your customers know which is which. If you're wrapping or covering your brownies with paper and would like a sticker to hold them together, choose our 40mm round stickers as they're a perfect size. We've seen lots of small bakery businesses use our labels for their packaging, have a look at one of our favourites Boxxies Brownies for inspiration and to see what you can do with your label designs. 

Looking for personalised labels for individually wrapped brownies? We've got what you need. Use our lid seal shapes to keep any paper wrapping together. They'll stick all over making sure your wrapping stays intact. Or if you've got plastic wrapping choose something cuter like our scalloped labels and place your logo on the top. Use another round or square label underneath for the ingredients list and allergies. 

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