Father's Day Labels

With personalised gifts and bespoke cards, take the opportunity to make your dad feel spoiled with keepsakes that he will cherish forever. 

Our custom Father's Day labels come in all shapes and sizes to suit every present. At Avery, you can buy blank labels, or you can create a custom Father's Day label where you can design the details from the shape and size, to the material and finish. There is also the option to print at home with our free Design and Print software, or we can deliver it for you.

Fathers Day label inspiration

Design your Fathers Day Stickers

We offer two ways to make the right Fathers Day labels for your gift or card. You can either buy blank labels where you can choose details from size to finish, or you can make your own design by uploading your preferred image on our free design tool. These options give you the freedom to choose the perfect Fathers Day sticker!  

Need inspiration for a design? Our range of range of templates means that you can create the perfect custom Fathers Day label for personalised gifts, bespoke cards and more. Take a look at our Fathers Day templates.

What can Fathers Day labels be used for?

Make your dad feel special this Fathers Day by designing cool and thoughtful personalised labels for every gift and card. At Avery, our labels can be customised and range in various shapes and sizes.

Our personalised Fathers Day printer labels can be used to add a unique and thoughtful touch to his favourite bag of coffee. Our removable labels are perfect for any material as they can stick without leaving any residue behind. Also, our clear, vinyl and waterproof labels are perfect for durability and can be used on any BBQ tool set.  With a variety of label materials such as waterproof, plastic, and kraft labels, there is something to make your dad feel spoiled. Plus, there is the option to choose recyclable and eco-friendly materials so you can also protect the planet!

If you want to print from home, our Design and Print software make it easy and hassle-free to design your own creation and use your own printer, or you can enjoy free delivery with orders over £40!

Related Questions

Where to buy Fathers Day sticker paper?

We have a range of blank Fathers Day labels with a variety of adhesive materials such as removable, plastic, and waterproof. There is also the option to buy custom labels where you can choose the shape, size, material and finish. Our range ensures that there is something from every Fathers Day gift.

How long will the Father's Day stickers take to deliver?

We offer standard delivery which takes between 3-5 days to arrive, but if you need them sooner, there is the option to choose fast-tracked delivery. If you have any more questions,  take a look at our Delivery and Returns FAQs.  

How can I make personalised Fathers Day stickers?

With our free and easy-to-use custom Father's Day stickers, you can choose to upload your own design and pick every detail. If you need inspiration on your design, our range of templates can help you make the perfect sticker.