5 Wedding Planning Tips From Savvy Brides/Grooms-to-be

Read Time: 3 Mins. Author: K, Humphreys

After the dust has settled from the highs of the wedding proposal, the newly engaged couple is now faced with the joint mission of planning a wedding. For some, this can feel like a daunting task with so many details to think of, and no professional wedding planner in sight to help you get started. And with the current cost of living, there’s even more pressure to achieve that ‘dream wedding’ without the hefty price tag.

We’ve interviewed our very own brides- and grooms-to-be at Avery HQ who shared their wedding planning experiences, and how they’re keeping it elegant and classy, whilst still being practical (and on budget).

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1. Keeping it local

Apart from the venue cost, a key consideration for the couple is the travel cost to and from the wedding venue, not only for them but for their guests as well. You’d want close family and friends to be present for your special day, so this makes it even more possible for them to attend. Wedding venues are also connected with local suppliers in your area, so you’ll be supporting these small businesses as well.

Make sure you book the main wedding suppliers (that you feel will be integral to the wedding) as soon as you book the wedding date.


2. Research and shop around for wedding items

Spend a bit of time doing your research on items like table decorations and guest favours, compare the costs, and save your favourites in a file or on your wedding board. Don’t rush to buy them so far in advance, even if you might be tempted to tick them off your wedding list. As you see more wedding inspiration, your views may change and evolve over time. Best to purchase these small items around 6 months before the actual wedding date.


3. Delegate and ask help from family & close friends.

Your family and close friends are only too eager to help you get the wedding of your dreams, so don’t be afraid to delegate some of the wedding tasks to help ease the pressure on you as a couple. You can start with the small tasks first (for example ordering some of the materials for your centrepiece or putting the wedding favours together) and see how you get on. As you feel more comfortable delegating, you can then slowly add to their task list. It’s also important to let family and close friends know how you’re feeling throughout this time, so they know how best to support you.


4. Be confident to say NO.

Remember it’s your wedding day, and you don’t have to cave into the pressure from family or friends. As a couple, work out what you want to get out of the day, how you want it to look overall, and who you want to be there. And if you’re working on staying close to your wedding budget, be clear on your values and priorities for the day.


5.Get creative and save.

Handmade and personalised items can make your wedding feel even more special – and for DIY novices, there’s plenty of inspiration and guides online to help you create and craft your own invites, name cards, table centrepiece and other wedding décor. You can use wild and seasonal flowers or opt for lots of foliage that you can freely pick from your own garden. Spare wooden palettes and crates can be used for all sorts of things, and you can collect and reuse jam jars and glass bottles.

You can design and print your own wedding invites, cards, wedding favour stickers, etc… 


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