Power-Up Your Peak Season

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What is peak season?

Peak season refers to the time of year where businesses are busiest. No prizes for guessing that this period is about now, in Q4. Across retail, online and almost every other business sector, this is the busiest time and where the most sales occur.

From September onwards, commerce sees a gradual ramp up to December. We will go through a few keys periods and things to be aware of to help you win this peak!

Why should you be ready?

As a business owner, it is highly likely that the festive season accounts for 2/3 of your companies annual turnover, so this festive season really can be make or break! Making sure you're ready makes sense and probably seems obvious, but we want to explore what 'being ready' actually means to make sure you can capitalise everyday, so your business thrives!


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3 Tips To Win This Season

1. Timing

Like everything in life, timing is crucial. Being in the right place at the right time is a must, but how?

This is tough, where to be and when has changed over previous years. Remember years ago when Christmas merchandise was not seen in stores until after Halloween and you wouldn't see that infamous Christmas advert until November? Well not anymore! Christmas is starting earlier than ever, but we need to understand why to thrive.

If we zoom out, the cost of everything has increased in the past year or two. So it probably isn't a great surprise that an increasing number of consumers are looking to start their seasonal purchases earlier than ever to help spread the cost.

Amazingly 23% of UK consumers even start shopping for Christmas in September. Big retail is gearing up for this traffic - are you?


2. Black Friday

This funny event which was imported from the US years ago, well it keeps on growing. No one really understands what Black Friday is, but no one really cares. All we care about is the DEALS!!

We all have that moment or maybe know someone someone who says "I'll just wait and get that in the Black Friday sales" right? Well statistically, each year the average consumer is spending more on Black Friday. Not only are more transactions being made than ever during this period, this is when the youngest (Milleniels and Gen X) shoppers spend the most. What are you doing to be visible and stand out to this younger audience?


3. Personalisation

With people being more aware of costs, consumers are looking to be more careful with seasonal gifting. In recent years, there has been a surge in thoughtful gifting.

What do we mean by thoughtful gifting? Well this means any gift that some thought has gone in to. Think of someone gifting something made locally to them rather than them buying from a large chain store. Example, it is lovely to receive a nice mug with a personalised message or photo on than a generic one from a shop. It is more impactful, more likely to be used and much more memorable.

The same goes for lots of other examples. Buying local, buying ethically, making something from scratch - giving a gift with something giving a personal touch is the name of the game. How are you using the power of personalisation?


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