Create the perfect Printed Sticker

To get the perfect personalised sticker follow these 5 steps

sticker lamp post

What is the sticker for?

Sounds simple, but think about what the printed sticker is for. Is it for you to put on a notepad to motivate your or add some unique style to your drink bottle - if so great! 

If it is a custom sticker for your business, company or project, think about what are you hoping to achieve from it. Brand recall? Advertising? Adding a personalised touch? Then you will need to really think about the size of the printed sticker - will it be too small to do the job well. Why not measure out on paper some different sizes and see what works best!

sticker laptop

Where will it be used?

So it is easy to get caught up with a  design and push print before thinking about this, but this is key. If the sticker is going on a water bottle for example you need a more durable, specialist material such as Vinyl, Plastic or Waterproof paper.

Going somewhere hot like a laptop or hot drink bottle, you may need a high temperature material to withstand this.

For giveaways, branding or just for fun, Papers (standard, 100% Recycled, Kraft or Textured paper) are great options.

Bonus point. Add more durability and lifespan to any material through adding a varnish over the print for an extra layer of protection. 


Your design, your style - get creative!

So here is where it gets fun! You have so many options to help you print your sticker(s). Got a design already or maybe a photo? If so you are good to go, upload easily and click print!

Get creative and start from scratch. From free sites like Canva that allow you to cerate designs to premium artistic programs like Procreate for iPad, draw on screen and watch your design take shape.

Run out of creative juice, now worries, choose a design to match your style and get it shipped straight to you. Maybe you want someone else to create to create it... well we love the guys at Fivver. find a designer you like and get them to create for you and back to step one - simply upload the design and click print - voila!

print color

Check your design!

So this bit may be the most obvious, but bear with us. Printing is actually a fairly technical thing.

Check the size, your artwork should be 1:1 ratio to avoid pixelation, meaning if you want a 40mm sticker, your supplied artwork should be 40mm. 

Consider the bleed, make sure your image is pulled over the bleed area (this means you will get a lovely edge to edge print).

Check the colours, on screen colours may look brighter than in real life. Think backlit screen, vivid colours - full print can sometimes look a bit more subtle, so maybe dial up your colours if you want real vibrancy!

Bonus point. Be sure to check the print proof before completing checkout to make any final amends. Why not print it out on paper to get a better idea of what it may look like.

graphic designer

Choose your printer carefully, not all printers are equal

Kind of like above, different printers will print slightly differently. Most printers now will be printing digitally. Digital printing is great, we love it. We love it so much that we have loads of massive printers and teams of print experts to make sure your printed sticker is perfectly made! 

Make sure you select a printer who has the right equipment. Check if they have customer support in case something goes wrong.

Beware of high MOQ's (we hate minimum order quantities, that's why ours are so low).

Finally, choose someone who has the material variety you deserve! Remember, your sticker shows your style - so make sure it's 100%!

Now you're done, get stickin'