Baby's First Christmas: Making It Special & Easy with Avery

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are feeling a mixture of excitement over your baby’s first Christmas, but also pure exhaustion! Not only are you making festive plans but also navigating the world of parenthood. Having spoken to a wide range of first-time parents, a baby’s first Christmas is one to remember -pending decent sleep-  

We want to ensure you and your family can enjoy your Christmas and capture the memories that matter to you. So, we have come up with 4 cost effective and creative ways to get festive, have fun and most importantly create memories:

Photo Memory

1. A photo memory

This doesn’t need to be professional shoot, you can ask someone to simply take a photo of you all together to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas. You can print the photo yourself, saving time and money! Check out our photo paper and print your pictures from the comfort of your own home.

Fabric Transfer PJ'S christmas

2. Pyjama Party

A really fun idea is to have all your family in matching pyjamas! It looks great for a photo plus it’s a tradition you can do every year. If you want to go a step further why not personalise your pj's with a fabric transfer kit? It's easy to use and fun to create together! 

Santa Jars

3. Santa Jars

Why not write your wishes as a family so when it's your little ones next Christmas, you can read your messages together! Label your Santa jars with our chalkboard labels!

Christmas Cards

4. Create a card

If there is one thing that grandparents love, it's a handmade card from their new favourite person! Why not try having your little one's painted handprint on the front of the card... and turn that handprint into a Christmas tree to keep that festive theme! Create your custom greeting cards with us... we print and deliver!

There are so many fun activities and things to do this time of year. Don’t put pressure on yourselves to make things perfect, little moments can create special memories.

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