The Power up Boost for Small Businesses

It is no news to anyone that this past year has been tough on businesses, and we know how particularly hard this has been for small businesses, independent shop owners, budding entrepreneurs and the self-employed.  

You, small business owners, are the beating heart of the UK economy¬†and we, a company that is hugely supported by small businesses¬†like¬†yourselves, want¬†to¬†help give back.¬†This is why we are running the ‚ÄėAvery¬†Power¬†Up¬†Business Boost‚Äô for the second year in a row!¬† This boost is aimed at¬†up and coming or established¬†small businesses¬†who need that extra bit of funding, support and guidance to¬†develop¬†and get to that¬†next¬†phase¬†in their journey. Whether that involves¬†launching a¬†new product,¬†updating¬†your website, buying¬†a new piece of tooling,¬†or¬†getting¬†your branding¬†on point,¬†we are here to propel you on that journey. Meet our winner from last year and how winning helped her do that.¬†

What is the Prize?

The winner, selected by our internal panel will win a great selection of prizes to the value of £3000, which can really help to Power Up your business!  

  • ¬£1000, cash¬†to invest into¬†¬†your¬†business¬†next steps¬†
  • 1.5 Days of Creative consultancy from our creative agency WMP Creative¬†
  • An in-depth¬†session with our internal¬†Design & Print online¬†expert, who can help you make the most of this free online tool!¬†¬†
  • 20% off¬†orders with for the next 12 months with your own personal discount code¬†
  • 1 on 1 online business coaching with the Joy of Business¬†
give your business a big boost

Tips for applying: 

An Inspiring¬†Story¬†‚Äď What is your business and¬†how did you get to where you are today?¬†What gave you the push to start your small business? Connect with the hearts and minds of our panel.¬†¬†

Passion and¬†Drive¬†‚Äď What¬†are your dreams and goals? What¬†drives you to dream big and¬†to go after¬†them?¬†We want you to convey this to us and really show us your passion for what you do and the products or services which you provide.¬†

Social and Community Impact¬†‚Äď How does your business help to support your community, is that local¬†or¬†online? We want to support businesses that give back and support their community.¬†¬†

¬†A clear plan of action¬†‚ÄstWe want to see how you would use¬†our support and investment to power up your business.¬†¬†Do you have an¬†idea¬†that you‚Äôd love to push with our help? We‚Äôd love to hear about your detailed plans.¬†¬†¬†

 Key dates to remember: 

From 7th March 2022¬†‚ÄstSubmit the form with your business details and Ideas of how the Power up Boost will help to Power up your business¬†

2nd May 2022¬†‚Äď Last entries accepted at 23:59!¬†¬†

3rd- 14th May 2022¬†‚ÄstInternal review of applications to create a shortlist of 5 Small Businesses¬†¬†

17th-19th May 2022‚ÄstShortlist panel interviews¬†

20th May 2022‚ÄstWe will announce the¬†winner of the Avery Power Up Business Boost!¬†¬†

How to Apply 

Applications are now closed!  If you’re shortlisted we will contact you before 31st May  2022.

Check our Terms and Conditions.