Make Mother's Day Count

5 tips to make the day super special

5 things to make this Mother’s Day count. 

You've probably already ordered the perfect personalised card and got the perfectly printed labels ready for that thoughtful gift. Presumably the flowers are in a vase ready, but what else can you do to make today really special?

We'll go through some great little ideas to help make Mother's Day really special and memorable. The best, most of the ideas cost basically nothing, but have maximum impact!


Things to do on the day to Mother's Day extra-special


#1 Breakfast In Bed

Nothing says relaxation like someone bringing breakfast in bed. Whether it's a croissant or cereal, fry-up or fruit, orange juice to old fashioned (maybe not for breakfast...) there is no wrong, everything tastes nicer when someone brings it to you in a warm bed.

A low cost thing to do, with maximum impact, see how this instantly puts a smile on that special ladies face.

Elevate the breakfast with a personalised card with a heartfelt message that she can read whilst relaxing. Create custom cards using FREE software and templates.

Photo album

#2 Stroll Down Memory Lane

Grab a cuppa', go to the cupboard and grab the photo albums with that special someone and enjoy thumbing through the memories through the years. You'll be amazed at how a small gesture like this will make the day really special. 

With so much going on, how much time do we have to reflect and reminice, probably not much! Going through baby photos, 1st birthday, 10th birthday or Great Grandpa's 100th birthday, your Mum and you will love having these memories rekindled and brought to the forefront.

Why not make more memories today? Go outside on a spontanious walk, take some photos and get them printed to savour the memory. Print photos easily at home as and when you need with photopaper or print on paper and use a handy paper trimmer to cut down to size.


#3 Playlist Perfection

Grab your headphones, cuddle up on the sofa and listen to a playlist of songs perfect for the super Mum! 

This 4 hour playlist is perfect for easy listening, from Adele to Taylor, Temptations to Spice Girls, why not combine with the above ideas and add music into the mix.

Listen now to the perfect Mothers Day playlist.

Turn the up day up to 11! Why not put this on while making a meal fit for a Queen, if your Mum is still here, get her round and cook her favorite meal. If she's not, why not cook a meal that reminds you of her or another special lady in your life and raise a glass!


Commit to a future gesture

mothers day bag

#4 Random act of of kindness

Flowers and gifts on Mothering Sunday are lovely, but sometimes the expectation of the day means the surprise element is gone. Why not commit to a random act of kindness at another and get the surprise element back.

It doesn't have to be a big gift, just something thoughtful or even better something made with love and presented nicely.

Try a simple but lovely gift of a personlaised bag or top using easy-to-use fabric transfers. Simply print, cut and iron on and voila, the perfect gift. Go on step further and create a personalised wine label to go on a bottle of their favorite wine.

Whatever the act, make it personalised, make it count!


Small things that make a big difference


#5 Consistent Gestures

Never underestimate the power of small gestures. From cooking a spontaneous meal, booking a spa day or just taking the time to to go out for a coffee or shopping trip, a small gesture goes a long way and really makes a difference.

A poll of 2,000 Mum's in January 2024 commisioned by Lego and Moonpig showed that the majority simply wanted some time. Time to spend reading, time to spend with the family, time to spend basically not being the supermum they are the rest of the time.

So a random invite to go shopping or on a walk, a suprise meal or doing the housework really is a gift - the gift of time! 


Related Questions

When is Mother's Day?

Mothering Sunday in the United Kingdom is celebrated on the 4th Sunday in Lent. The date moves each year slightly, but in 2024 it is on the 10th March.

What is the purpose of Mother's Day?

The origins of Mother's Day are not fully understood, but it is believed by historians that the origin is the medieval tradition of visiting ones Mother on the Laetre Sunday (4th Sunday of Lent).

What is the best way to celebrate Mother's Day? 

There is no single right way to celebrate. All relationships are different, all Mum's, carers and so on are different, like different things. As we discuss above, research shows that the majority simply welcome a bit of time to relax from normal routines. Simply put, this means everything from doing some extra chores or making the dinner all the way up to a relaxing spa day break is sure to a winner!