Do my food habits have an environmental impact?

Get involved in Avery Green Month

We want to help you to start/ evolve your sustainable food journey, as it represents an important part of our daily routine in the office and at home.

Food waste is a pivotal issue when we talk about sustainable change. The UN findings show that every year we waste around 1.3 billion tonnes of food and this directly contributes to food shortages, water stress, gas emission and loss of biodiversity (Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations Report)

Small changes can have a big impact. One quick tip, why not be more conscious about the packaging your food comes in?

Here are some easy ways you can be reusing and recycling your packaging:

Avery Green Month_Family cooking sustainabily
Green Office Month - Coffee cup waste

Reusable Coffee Cups

 Did you know that less than 1% of the coffee cups disposed are actually recycled… even if you throw them away in the right way (The Independent, 2018)!

Coffee has become a staple at work, and we can make a small change here by avoiding disposable coffee cups and going for reusable ones. As an added bonus, some coffee shops even offer discounts if you bring your own coffee cup in! We’re seeing more people take reusable water bottles to work, so why not do the same when it comes to your coffee?

Green Office Month_ready meals

Ready Meals

Try to go greener at lunch by ditching ready meals as they are full of plastic packaging.

One suggestion is to check out the local market. There is good quality, fresh food, plus you support local businesses.

Green Office Month_Reuse your jars

Reuse your Jars

Try to reuse jars in creative ways by converting them into breakfast pots, containers for small items, or even use them as a pot for small plants or succulents.

To help you identify the items in the jars, you can try the Avery Dissolvable Labels. They are easy and simple to use – just write, stick and go. And when you want to reuse the jars for something else, simply wash the label off in water and it dissolves completely.

Green Office Month_food waste

Take Note of Food Waste

Our habits can lead us to buy unnecessary food when shopping. One easy solution is to make a list of all the food that you are wasting every week. This will help you to be more aware of what actually needs to be in your weekly food shopping list.

If you want to make a more radical change, you can think about your diet. By eating more plant-based food like vegetables or beans and moderating your meat intake, this can help reduce the stress on the meat industry. (Source:

green office month_creative with food

Be Creative with Food

Another idea to minimise food waste is to think about how you can use your leftovers in a creative way. Create a tapas style dinner or find new recipes that can best use up the remaining ingredients.

Taking your dinner leftovers for lunch at work the next day is also a great way to save money on food. Avery has a range of labels that can help you keep track of your food and keep the process simple. Reducing food waste isn’t easy, especially because it requires us to change our habits, but remember small actions can have a big impact!