5 Simple swaps to be greener at home

Do your bit with these easy swaps!

We can all make simple swaps in order to do our bit for the planet.

By swapping out products we use every day for a more sustainable alternative we can (over time) make a greater impact, to organise these products why not try out our personalised labels or stickers.

So here are 5 simple swaps to make a difference.

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Avery recycled labels on jars

1. Buy dry food from plastic free shops

Help reduce packaging

There are lots of plastic free shops where we can buy our dry food. Such as pasta, flour, nuts and spices. This helps to support small businesses and reduces the plastic packaging that we consume.

When you’ve bought your dry food you can curate a beautifully organised cupboard by putting your dry food into containers and labelling them with our Recycled Labels.

Use soap and shampoo bars

2. Use soap and shampoo bars instead of shower gel and liquid shampoo.

Eco friendly beauty

The simple switch to soap bars instantly reduces packing. Liquid soaps and shampoos also have a lot more chemicals in them than most soap bars do.

Why not support a small business when you switch to solid soap. Elise moss botanical makes gorgeous handmade soap in a wide range of colours and scents. Products like this make sustainable swaps even easier.

EcoVibe compostable sponge cloths

3. Swap out your kitchen sponges for something reusable.

No more disposable sponges!

The kitchen sponges we currently use are synthetic and disposable. There are lots of sustainable alternatives to this; you can buy sets of reusable sponges that you can wash in to machine and use again. Not only is this better for the environment than sending plastic sponges to the landfill, it’s also more economical because you don’t have to constantly re-purchase new kitchen sponges.

There are lots of alternatives to synthetic sponges but one good example are compostable sponge cloths. Not only can you wash these sponges in the washing machine and reuse them, but when you do dispose of them they are fully biodegradable. 

Bambo toothbrush

4. Use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one.

Clean teeth & cleaner environment

By making a switch to a bamboo toothbrush from a disposable plastic one we can reduce the impact we’re having on the environment. Bamboo toothbrushes are far more biodegradable than plastics ones that take hundreds of years to break down.

Lots of brands make these toothbrushes now and a lot of them even offer subscription services that mean you don’t have to remember to order another brush when the bristles get worn.

Avery Green Month 2021_woman buying lose fruit

5. Try to buy loose fruit at the supermarket.

Only buy what you need

Super markets have come a long way in reducing their plastic packaging, but they’ve still got a long way to go.

One way to reduce your impact is to make sure to buy loose fruit and veg. By buying loose fruit and veg you’re cutting your use of plastic waste

These are just a few sustainable choices we can make that can help make a positive impact on the environment. Together we can make a difference.