3 Festive ways to Improve your Packaging

Create an Unboxing to Remember!

Looking for ways to make your products stand out from the crowd this Christmas? Here's our ideas on how to raise your packaging game to create a consumer experience your customers will remember.

We’ve put together three ways to make your products stand out this Christmas  to help keep your brand top of mind.

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Avery Labels can turn a brown tube into an exciting treat

Packaging is part of the customer experience

While it may only be a brief glance or a short moment of anticipation before a customer opens your package, making it a memorable occasion is something that can last, as evidenced by the thousands of unboxing videos on social media.

From custom shipping labels with holiday flair to personalised inner box flaps, free gifts, greeting cards, coupons and custom stickers, it’s simple to give your customers a reason to remember your business this Christmas and beyond. 

Even if you're just handing customers bags to carry home their takeaway, a fun note or free sticker tucked inside with a personalised message is great way to stay connected for the future.

Avery Stickers can turn a brown box into something magical

1. Start on the Outside

The first thing your customers see is the shipping box or the bag they carried their purchase out in. Both offer easy, inexpensive marketing opportunities.

One simple way to make your packages and shopping bags unique is with custom labels featuring a festive theme that you can carry throughout the unboxing or unbagging experience.

You can easily customise shipping labels or shaped labels for your shopping bags by adding a personalised graphic and message at no extra cost. Avery Design & Print offers free Christmas templates that you can customise to match your brand identity and carry across the entire unboxing.

Avery sell the labels... but it's what you put on them that can transform your business! By using Avery Design & Print, you can change a brown box or tube into something to desire or treasure. 

Add surprise message to the inside of your packaging

2. An "Unboxing" they'll remember

Have you experienced the new trend for adding surprise messages or notes to the inner box flaps of packaging you've received? Popular for care packages, personalising the box flaps is a growing trend and easy to do. And we have two options for you:

1. Let us do the printing for you

One simple way to make your packages and shopping bags unique is with custom labels. You can order custom sizes by the sheet to get the exact fit for your packages. Buy only as many as you need, so you don’t have leftovers when the Christmas period is over.

2. Buy blank labels and print them yourself

The advantage of buying our blank labels is that you can tailor individual messages for each of your customers... and only print the labels as and when you need them!

Have you seen we now sell Avery Blank Labels direct - you can order online by the sheet in any combination of shape, size, materials and colour!

Create personalised messages on Avery printable cards

And it's not just messages on the box that can raise a smile. Once your customers open the packaging, why not keep the surprises coming? Add a little gift or money off coupon for an extra marketing opportunity.

There is nothing better than an unexpected surprise when you’re opening something you ordered. Even something like a free custom sticker can make customers smile and remember you the next time they need to order. Choose a fun Christmassy design or fun message that customers will love sticking or sharing.

Alternatively, tuck a custom greeting card inside shipments and shopping bags that features a special offer on their next purchase. Add a personal handwritten message to show you care and you’re there if they need help with your products.

Avery Christmas Label templates add festive cheer to products

3. Add a Festive touch using stickers

If you can't change your main packaging to reflect the seasons, something as simple as a round label with a Christmassy design theme is a subtle way to share some festive fun or call out a special discount and seasonal scents or flavours.

Add a small label or sticker directly to your product to highlight sale items, seasonal products, or unique features. Or just add a small sticker to celebrate the season and get your customers in the holiday spirit. Nothing is simpler than sticking a Christmas-themed label on your existing boxes and bags. And with our free designs, it’s simple to get the exact look you want to coordinate with your brand.

And the best part is, with Avery you can order everything professionally printed to save you time and ink, or print it yourself on-demand with our blank labels by the sheet or our in-store label products.


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