Creative Christmas Guide: 5 Fun Activities to Delight Your Kids This Holiday Season

With the holiday season twinkling on the horizon, we know you're juggling festive cheer with your usual bustling schedule. Whether you're a crafty parent or simply looking for engaging ways to keep your little ones entertained, our 5 Kid-Friendly Christmas Activities is your perfect holiday helper. Packed with fun, creativity, and that special Avery touch, these ideas are sure to make your holiday season both merry and bright. Let's dive into a world of festive crafts and unforgettable family moments! 

Christmas storybook stickers

1. Craft a Story with Avery Labels

Storytime gets a creative twist! Let the kids design their own Christmas tale using Avery labels. They can draw, colour, and create characters and scenes, then use some custom stickers to decorate and stick them onto a blank book or sheets of paper. It's a fantastic way to channel their inner artist and storyteller, and a great keepsake for years to come.

Cookies with tent cards

2. Bespoke Cookie Gifts

Who's ready for a cookie workshop? After baking a batch of holiday cookies, use Avery labels to design custom swing tags or cookie jar labels. It's a stylish way to share your homemade treats with friends, colleagues, and neighbours. Plus, it adds that personal touch that makes every cookie even sweeter.

 Christmas Box with Label

3. Avery-Styled Scavenger Hunt

Let's turn the house into a festive playground with an Avery-styled scavenger hunt. Create clues and hide them around using Avery labels. Each clue can lead to a small present or a piece of a holiday puzzle. It’s a brilliant way to keep the kids entertained and their minds sharp as they follow a trail of festive fun.

Personalised Ornaments

4. Personalised Ornaments Workshop

Gather around for a family ornament-making session. Using Avery labels, your kids can add their names, the year, or a special message to each ornament. It’s a heartwarming way to personalize your Christmas tree and a great activity for family bonding.

Name tags christmas

5. Holiday Movie Marathon with a DIY Twist

Spice up your holiday movie nights! Let the kids use Avery labels to create name tags inspired by their favourite movie characters. It's a simple yet fun way to bring the magic of movies into your living room. Don’t forget the popcorn – maybe with a custom Avery label for each flavour!

There you have it – a holiday season filled with joy, creativity, and that special Avery touch. These activities are not just fun; they're a way to create lasting memories and keep the festive spirit shining bright, even on the busiest days. Happy holidays, and may your days be merry!

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