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At home with Avery

Let Avery help you get organised at home

Home is where the heart is… our happy place, where we learn, relax and laugh together.

It’s where we grow up, and grow old with the ones we love and cherish.

Our homes have become the centre of so many milestones and moments in our lives – from the big moments like the first day of school or going to University to milestones such as buying your first home or preparing for your wedding. 

From the small details of updating photos on the wall, hosting family dinners to organising and setting goals for the year… Avery is here to help you plan and organise these meaningful moments at home.

Read our At Home with Avery Blogs to find out how you can get organised at home!

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April to June

It's time to DIY

As lockdown eases and we restart a new chapter within our lives of routines and preparation, Spring tends to see new DIY fixes and creations.

For the next few months, At Home with Avery will be providing you with blogs, ‘how to’ videos, helpful products and bundle discounts! We are here to help you, both at home and at work.

April: Dusting away those cobwebs and it’s all about Easter preparation and continuing with spring cleaning and decluttering.

May: See’s us Going Green and is all about recycling and being echo friendly! It’s about what can we all could be doing differently to help the environment and to save our planet!

June: Getting ready for Summer days and (fingers crossed) the season of events whether they are at home, prepping for a big event or party and not forgetting father’s day.

So why not let At Home with Avery support you in your DIY adventures!

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