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How to Use Templates

We have created both blank and pre-designed templates to help you format your Avery products using Microsoft® Word.


Finding Templates Easily!


1 – Select Templates & Software / Templates from Top-Navigation.

2 – Enter your product number (from product package or label sheet).

3 – Use Relevant Categories to narrow your search.

4 – Within Quick Search Results list: click on View Details for preferred Template.

5 – Click on Download Template Button for download.


Note: If the following yellow information box appears, click the box and select Download File.
You can always trust Avery documents and templates.



1. After clicking the Download Template button, the File Download dialog box appears.

 2. It is recommended you save the file. Click Save.


3. The Save As dialog box appears.

4. Navigate to the drive and folder you want to save the file. Remember where you saved the file and the file name.

    Click Save. Tip: You can rename the file if you would like.

5. Open Microsoft® Word and select File > Open to navigate to the drive and folder to open and edit your template.  

If you need further assistance, contact Avery Consumer Centre: 0800 805 020 or email your inquiry to our Consumer Information team


Thank you for using Avery Templates!

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