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Quick&Clean Business Card - Colour Laser 8 per page

Avery Blank Templates Microsoft Word

Format: 85 x 45 mm
Hint for using this template with Art. C32016-10:
Double sided business cards allow you to print on both sides - no need to fold or stick!

QuickClean Business Card

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Portrait Portrait

Compatible Products:

C32010, C32010-10, C32010-14, C32010-25, C32011, C32011-10, C32011-25, C32011-100, C32011-500, C32014, C32014-25, C32016, C32016-5, C32016-8, C32016-10, C32016-25, C32016-30, C32016-500, C32026, C32026-8, C32026-10, C32026-25, C32026-500, C32029, C32029-10, C32040, C32040-10, C32075, C32075-8, C32075-10, C32075-25, C32075-500, C9362, C9362-7

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