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Congratulations! By visiting the Green Office Week (GOW) website you are one step closer to making your office space a greener environment and a better place to be.

This year, we will be following the GREEN theme (Get Going, Recycle, Energy, Environment, Network) throughout the week and will demonstrate how to make a difference in your working environment with actions as simple as flicking a light switch off to making the perfect Eco Cuppa; all of which will have lasting benefits on the wider environment.

This year, Green Office Week enters its sixth year and continues to gain support up and down the country from a broad range of organisations, from air ambulance services to councils, housing associations to small businesses and large multi-nationals all of which have seen the benefits of their efforts in working towards a greener office environment.

As the global sustainable message spreads, more and more people are choosing to support green initiatives and 'do their bit,' by changing their habits and adopting a greener stance for the longer term; which is all great news!

It is often the simple things, like turning off lights and electrical equipment when not in use that can have the biggest day-to-day impact. Many workers have introduced the 3Rs into their daily lives – REDUCE – REUSE – RECYCLE; again a simple approach which when implemented results in substantial gains.