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Desks are not always the tidiest, most stylish or organised of places but that’s all about to change now that Avery has launched the next generation in desktop accessories, designed to change your office space forever.
The new Avery All-in-One range combines stunning design with cutting-edge features and functionality, offering you a totally unique way to keep your desk tidy, organised and super-stylish. The revolutionary new range cleverly and beautifully saves on space by combining all your desk items into a single storage solution, making pen holders, magazine racks and letter trays a thing of the past and you the envy of your colleagues!
The All-in-One range’s intelligent features include lots of discreet storage spaces for you to discover, holding your letters, envelopes, CDs, notepads, pens, mobile phones, keys, paperclips and much more besides. These hidden spaces are also perfect for keeping your valuables hidden away, leaving colleagues wondering exactly where all your items are being kept!
As you’d expect from Avery, the range is built to be long-lasting, robust and is fully recyclable, offering exceptional value and performance compared to traditional space-wasting ways of organising your desk.

Innovative features like rubberised feet for stability, expandable file holders and moveable pen-pots that double up as phone holders mean that every product in the range will surprise you with its versatility and ability to accommodate all your desk items.

The range offers three unique product solutions to suit you, whatever your desk requirements. The standard All-in-One Desktop Organiser is perfect if you’re looking for a simple yet stylish solution to getting to grips with storing your items, with the All-in-One Pro Desktop Organiser taking it up a level and offering you even more features, such as additional letter trays and desk tidy drawers. If you’re after the very height in design, style and functionality, then the top-of-the-range All-in-One Exec Desktop Organiser is the perfect choice for the ultra-modern office of tomorrow.  

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