minutes a week over half of office workers spend looking for essential items


sheets of paper are printed out on daily basis by the average UK office worker


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The reception area is very important for any
organisation as it is the first point of contact for

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As the saying goes, “a cluttered desk
is a sign of a cluttered mind”.

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meeting room

Did you know the average worker has four
meetings a week, equating to 9,776
over their working lifetime.

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storage room

Many offices have a storage room or
cupboard which tends to be the
untidiest space in the office.

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data room

Some larger offices may have a data room.
Data rooms are spaces used for housing data
usually of a secure or privileged nature.

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Having a kitchen, a canteen or
a space to relax at work is nice.

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  • More than 80% of office workers felt that having a clear filing system, so that they knew where everything belongs, would make working life less stressful.  

  • The office kitchen can be a clutter hot spot, whether its cups and glasses being left out or leftover lunches taking over the countertop. Did you know the average office worker drinks over 800 cups of tea or coffee over a typical year in the office, that’s a lot of dirty mugs!  

  • Over half of office workers spend around 15 minutes a week looking for essential items like paperwork and missing stationery, that equates to more than a day a year lost to looking for things.  

  • Office workers battle with clutter on a daily basis; over a quarter admitted to tidying or de-cluttering their desk once a day. 

  • More than a third of office workers spend around 15 minutes a day gossiping, that’s over an hour a week, just imagine if some of that time went on getting organised. 

  • The average office worker will sit through almost 200 meetings a year, equating to over 2 weeks in a year - that’s a lot of potential for the meeting room to be left in a mess!

  • Paperwork piling up is still a key cause of clutter with office workers printing out an average of 28 sheets a day.

  • UK office workers say essential IT like printers and PCs incur problems and breakdowns on average twice a week.