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A pack full of inspirations

To help you to start the process to be more organised in your home, at Avery we thought about a pack of different labels to be used anywhere in your home. Perfect to start of labelling your essentials items such as filing lever arch, high tech cables, kitchen canisters, lunchboxes, nursery items and so much. Organise your home pack contents: 2x A4 Filing labels, 1x A5 Cable markers, 2x A4 multipurpose labels, 1x A6 handwriting Self-laminating labels. Remember, labelling storage boxes, drawers, shelves and magazine racks doesn’t have to mean compromising on interior style - with Avery Design & Print you can create labels in any colour or design to suit your home decor.

It's easy to brighten your day and the work ahead with these simple uses of colour. With free design templates at Avery Design & Print Online, the only limit is your own imagination.

Perfect for the meal prep and leftovers!

Whether it’s just for two or for a party of twenty, Christmas food preparation can be overwhelming for even the most competent of cooks. Between the long family walks and intrusive Eggnog hangovers, it’s difficult to find time for food preparation over the festive period and busy week. The best way is to prepare in advance your meals and freeze them until needed. Almost everything can be prepared, frozen, and then reheated. Here at Avery we can help you get ahead of the game, and avoid the festive feeding frenzy that will potentially ensue. Our new pre-printed freezer labels will help you prepare and store everything you need for the big day, so when it comes around you can sit back and enjoy it with everyone else!

A place for everything. Everything in its place.

One option is to chuck everything in, let it pile up, and face the inevitable headache of finding that Christmas tree stand you only bought last year because the previous one got lost as well. Option two however seems a little more sensible, and a lot less headache inducing. Avery’s new range of writable removable storage box labels can help you to give a place to all your possessions, so you know where they need to go, and more importantly where you can find them!

The garage or utility area can be chaos if not organised correctly. Having designated boxes for tools, cables, and other utilities will help keep some of the confusion aside and make a strong start on your knew clutter free life! Using the larger size label for these big storage boxes is ideal, allowing you to easily locate exactly what you need.

The bedroom is another area where clutter can really take its toll. We all know that relaxing in a well organised and tidy space is so much more rewarding. Using the smaller sized Avery storage labels, keeping tabs on all your little bits and bobs is a lot easier.

tips on using colour

Here’s an easy way to get even more out of your organisation efforts: by simply using colour. Colour can help get important messages noticed, provide visual cues so you can identify and find things faster and even brighten up your everyday projects.

Call attention where it’s needed

For head-turning visibility, use Avery Design & Print Online to jazz up your labels and make your organisation not only more effective, but fun. Avery has a wide selection of versatile labels in all sorts of unique sizes to choose from. Use personalised Avery Mini Labels to call out important reminders on your calendar.

Use a little creativity to spice up your filing system. Using colour makes it easy to find files and refile them later, plus when you add a fun design or image, it makes getting organised a little more fun. Assign colours based on task, project or child and you're ready to go.

It's easy to brighten your day and the work ahead with these simple uses of colour. With free design templates at Avery Design & Print Online, the only limit is your own imagination.

Tips for a tidy home

Ever feel like you can never clear the clutter at home? There’s a simple strategy you can use to bring order to your home. The same tools you use to keep you organised at work can help you organise your home, too. Here are some quick tips for home organisation:

Store it

Sort items by category, room of the house, or occasion, and store the stuff you don’t need right away into boxes. Instead of buying new boxes, reuse old cardboard boxes with the help of Avery Shipping Labels with opaque BlockOut technology. These labels are guaranteed to cover everything underneath, so you can hide old labels or markings and make boxes look like new again. Create customised labels with free Avery Templates to describe box contents, such as “Halloween Costumes” and include a picture of a mask for quick and easy identification.

Place important documents such as tax returns or treasured photos in file folders and store inside lidded archival-safe boxes for safekeeping. With Avery File Folder Labels with BlockOut Technology, you can easily update or reuse existing folders by completely covering up old labels so they don’t show through.

File it

File away business cards for mechanics, plumbers, electricians and other helpful resources in a Family Organiser so they’re handy when you need to reference them. An organiser is also a good place to keep loose documents such as owner’s manuals, warranties and instruction booklets.

Pre-print your return address and mailing labels on Avery QuickPEEL Labels and keep them with your stamps so they’re ready when you need to mail out quick thank you cards, invitations, bills or other mailing needs.

Identify it

Maintain an organised home by ensuring items get returned to their proper place. Use Avery Removable Multipurpose Labels to indicate where things belong. For example, you may have one broom that’s designated for the house labelled “Cupboard” and the other labelled “Garage.”

Get your cables sorted by labelling them. You will know instantly what each cable is. The label can be wrapped around one or more cables.

Discard it

- Get rid of what you don’t need by giving it to someone who wants it, donating to charity, throwing it away or even selling it online or at a car boot sale.

Not everyone is a born organiser, but with a little time and effort, your house can look like it was professionally organised in no time. When everything has its place, you’ll find there’s a place for everything you need—and you’ll still be able to keep your home neat and tidy.

Get cooking in a clean kitchen

There’s already enough cleaning to do in the kitchen, so to make your life easier, de-clutter your cabinets and shelves and give everything a place. For often-used bulk items, get some pretty jars and canisters you can keep on display. Create your own labels to add a unique touch to your countertops or pantry. Clear labels add a striking look to canisters and are easy to make with free Design & Print Online. Once you start returning things to the shelves, remember visibility is key. You need to be able to see everything. Products like spices and small cans should be put in baskets or door racks. Just like the supermarket, place newer items in the back, so older items get used first.

Kid's room

A neat, orderly kid’s room doesn’t have to exist only in our dreams and in magazines. Control the chaos with simple organisation tips.

Keep only clothing of the season in the closet. Pack away out-of-season clothes in labelled boxes and out of the way. Those bulky jumpers and jackets can take up valuable space in your children’s closet in the spring and summer time!

Create a hanging hamper by attaching a washable bag to the inside of the closet door (make sure it’s low enough for children to be able to stuff clothes inside). Dirty clothes are kept off the floor and out of sight.

Use labelled storage bins for toys and stuffed animals, and show your kids where items go when they’re done playing with them. Get your kid's rooms in order with fun and functional labels.


Have you got a pile of shoes stashed in a cupboard at home? Why not try this simple and easy method, to not only keeps your shoes nicely stored, but to make it easy to find the exact pair you want. Simply take a picture of your shoes, load it into Avery Design and Print, and print it on an Avery BlockOut label (L7166). Once you’ve created your label, stick it on the side of the shoebox and stack them up. Your shoes are now easy to store, and can be instantly identified to make your life easier!

Home Office

How to stay on top of your busy schedule

Feeling overwhelmed? Cut down the stress by using a planner to manage everything from your to-do lists to your calendar.

Make it a habit to write down appointments and events as soon as you find out about them so your planner stays updated.

For recurring events such as a dentist appointment or your child’s piano lessons, create reminder stickers with Avery QuickPEEL Return Address Labels so you won’t have to write the same thing over and over.

how to save time with a clean desk

Make filing more fun with personalised Avery Filing Labels. Check out these colourful labels for file folders or create your own to fit your needs.

Power it up: Sort your subjects and make it easy to find what you need with Avery ReadyIndex Table of Contents Divider

Create a colour-coded filing system to make it easier to sort through your paperwork at a glance. Use different coloured file folders or file folder labels and assign a colour based on file type (such as by project or subject), person (such as by client, patient or family member) or action (keep, forward, do or shred).

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