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Ensure your offers are eye catching!


Attract customers into your shop with an eye catching sign in the window or use shelf edge tags to showcase your product offers or features. You can also create your own professional packaging using Avery bags and toppers. Create a greater brand presence by customising all your products with your logo.

Tip 1:
Shelf tags or shelf signs are perfect for bringing attention to special offers or product features.  
Avery's shelf tags are;
  • Removable without leaving a residue
  • Simple to design and customise use Avery's free online software

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Tip 2:
Are you running a campaign? Print a sign and advertise it in the window to potential customers.
Avery's self laminating window signs are;
  • Professional with a high quality finish
  • Ideal for shop windows, inside or out
  • Removable without leaving a residue
  • Totally customisable to display your big message

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Tip 3:
Label your products with price labels that can be easily removed as required without leaving a residue on your product.
Avery Removable Price Labels are;
  • High tack but removable and don't leave a residue
  • FSC-certified with paper from well managed forests

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                 Three easy steps to your successful business performance!
1. Design your product.
2. Print it.
3. Apply and sell!!
You can create, customise and save your design for future use using Avery's free Design & Print Online software.
    Give your business ideas the perfect finishing touch.
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