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4 Desk makeover ideas

Introduce Colour
Studies have shown colours can have an impact on how we feel. This is certainly something to think about at your desk, given how much time you spend at it. How about adding a pop of positive pink or calming blue to your workspace? A great way to introduce these mood-boosting colours is through desktop accessories like the bright and bold Avery ColorStak range.

Avery Colorstak range

A fresh outlook
If it’s possible to move your desk and change the direction you face this can really create the feeling of a fresh start, helping to encourage positive habits. If you really want to position your desk for peak performance, try looking to the ancient art Feng Shui to find out which direction you should be facing.

Avery ColorStak in pink

Stack to create space
All the little things you need to have close to hand such as note books, pens, important paperwork, sticky notes and more can really start to take up precious desk space. So why not invest in stackable storage and maximise your available space for a clear and clutter free desk? Try the Avery ColorStak range, which features accessories trays and pen pots designed to be self-stacking without the need for connecting risers. This way you can create a storage set up to suit your own individual space.

Stack to make space

Go Green
There’s plenty of evidence out there to suggest that adding house plants to your workspace is a great idea. Not only do they help provide cleaner air to breathe, studies have shown having plants in the office reduces sickness and helps increase productivity. The peace lilly, the spider plant, aloe plants and cacti are among some of the most popular indoor plant options. Whilst you’re going green, why not opt for the Avery ColorStak Office Set in bright green to really enhance your space?

Avery ColorStak in Green

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