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Create your own invite and name badge in one

A step by step guide on how to create an all-in-one invite and name badge. Simple steps to create a professional impression using Avery's free software.

Step 1: The Product

This guide will talk through how to create an all-in-one name badge and invitation letter.  We will be using Avery L4797-100.  The product comes with 100 sheets per box, so hopefully this is ample supplies for your conference or meeting.
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Step 2: Avery Design and Print Online

Avery offer many solutions for printing Avery products, for this product we recommend using Avery Design and Print Online.  This online software allows you to either use a blank design (start from nothing) or use one of our many pre-designed templates - either one still allows you to edit the product further.  Avery Design and Print Online is an intuitive tool that allows you to add text, images, logo's, background images, arched text, serial numbers, bar-codes and QR codes.  After finishing your design you can either save it to your local computer or save it online for access in the future from whichever computer you are on.
From the opening screen, type in the Avery product code (L4797) or browse by category.

Step 3: Design your invitation

Creating your design is really up to you! You can either use the pre-designed templates and edit to what you would like or use a blank one and create from scratch. In this instance we have used a pre-design for a conference. Using the tools on the Design and Print site and using some of the images already provided in the pre-design our finished design looked like this.

You can use the mail merge facility within Avery Design and Print Online to merge names and addresses from an excel spreadsheet into the name and address area at the top and also to enter the name into the greeting.

Step 4: Design the name badge

To start designing the name badge section, simply click on the section you need to edit (or if using a blank design; add a text box or image using the left navigation).  We used the mail merge facility to insert the names onto the badge.Full instruction on how to use this facility can be accessed from the 'Help' button at the top right of the screen.
A useful feature within Design and Print Online is the QR Code function.  The software allows you to add a QR code to either the letter or name badge.  A QR Code can be used to either be scanned to identify people or it could contain a link to your website or travel instructions.

Once completed, you are ready to print - check your printer manufacturers recommendations on which paper tray to use.

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