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Create Your Own DVD Labels and Case Inserts

Avery Data Media Labels - Learn how to create your own professional looking CD or DVD labels and matching cases with Avery. Keep your treasured memories safe or give your business media the right impression.

Step 1: The Products

In this example we will be using three Avery products.  L7760 is the CD/DVD label.  L7435 and J8437 make up the inserts for the CD/DVD case.  These labels are part of the Avery 'Labels for Data Media' range.

Step 2: Use Avery Design and Print Online

Avery Design and Print Online is a free software provided by Avery.  It is web based and therefore requires no download or install on your local PC.  It can be used with any popular browser and you can save designs afterwards to your PC or store them in an online account for future use.
Type in the Avery product code you wish to use (in this example L7760 is being used first).  You can also browse by category if you are not sure of which product code to use

Step 3: Select a Design

Avery Design and Print Online offers many pre-designed templates for your labels and cards.  In this example we will use a blank design as we are going to create the products with our own image of a band, however you can use a pre-design and edit it to your own liking in the tool.  You can add your own text and images whether you choose a blank design or a pre-design.

Step 4: Create the Design

You can now use all the features of Avery Design and Print Online to complete your design. Using the tools on the left hand menu you can add text, shapes, images (either images from the Avery gallery or from your own PC).  You can choose to do all labels on the sheet with the same design or choose to make each one different by choosing either 'Edit One' or 'Edit All' on the right hand side of the screen. In this example we have selected to make all designs the same and have inserted our own photograph of the band.
Repeat the design process for each of the products you wish to create.  This image shows our completed design of the DVD case (J8437)

Step 5: Print your Masterpriece

Once all the designing is done you should save your design.  You can either choose to save your design to your local PC (you will need to use Design and Print Online to open again) or save it on our secure servers for reprinting or editing later - you will need to create an account to save your designs online.
To print, click on the 'Preview & Print' button.  Follow the onscreen instructions to ensure the print lines up with the labels/cards you have in your printer - we recommend to print a draft copy on paper first and hold that print above the labels/cards to ensure your printer is aligned properly).  From the print screen you can also use a great feature of Design and Print Online which is to take your completed design and apply it to another Avery product.  So, if you want the same design on the DVD case and the CD cover you can use the 'Apply Design to Another Product' button.
Here you can see our final range of printed products.

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