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Create Tabs with IndexMaker® Dividers

It's easy to identify the contents of your folder or binder when they're organised with dividers and tabs. And with the Easy Apply™ label strip that comes with Avery® IndexMaker® Dividers, it's even easier to label all your tabs at once. These step-by-step instructions can show you how to create your own custom binder tabs, with great help from the Avery Wizard.

Step 1: Select Your Template

Get started with the Avery Wizard for Microsoft® Office. Under Product category, select Index Products. You'll find a variety of templates to choose from. Find your product, using the software code on your pack. Click on Next.

Step 2: Select How You Want to Enter Information

Select either Create repeating sets of tabs (for easy creation of multiple sets of the same information) or Type entries on each tab (if you’d like different information on each set of tabs).

Step 3: Select How You Want the Information to Print

If you selected Create repeating sets of tabs, you’ll be asked the number of sets you’d like, and whether you’d like them to print collated, or in a group. To take advantage of the Easy Apply feature, select Collated.

Step 4: Enter Your Information

If you’ve selected Create repeating sets of tabs in step 2, you’ll click on Tab 1, Tab 2 etc in the Select tab to edit area and enter your information.

If you selected Type entries on each tab in step 2, in the Page layout area, use your mouse to literally select the tab you’d like to type on. Take the chance here to change the font style, size, and colour of your text.

Step 5: Preview, Print and Save

When you’ve finished, click on Next. Check your work for errors, then print. You could save your template for future use.

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