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Create Self Adhesive Laser Name Badges

It's easy to create professional looking name badges using Avery Self Adhesive Laser Name Badges and free Avery software. The badges can be used in either Laser or Colour Laser printers.

Step 1: Have the product ready

The Avery Self Adhesive Naming range is designed for use on both Laser and Colour Laser printers.  In these instructions we will be using Avery L4785-20 which contains 20 sheets of badges with 10 badges per sheet.

Step 2: Use Avery Design & Print Online

Go to the Templates & Software menu and select Design & Print Online.  Type in the product code L4785.

Step 3: Select your design

Avery Design and Print Online offers many pre-designed templates for your badges or you can choose a balnk design.  In this example a blank design is being used and edited, however you can edit all features of the pre-designed templates if you prefer. You can add your own images and text whether you use a predesign or a blank template or you can choose from the Avery gallery.

Step 4: Design your name badges

You can now use all the features of Avery Design and Print Online to design your Avery Name Badges.  Using the tools on the left of the screen you can add text, shapes, images (either images from the Avery gallery or photographs/images from your PC).  You can also add shapes and colours to brighten up your name badges.

Step 5: Printing

Place one sheet of Avery Self Adhesive Name Badges in the manual feed tray of your printer.  Make sure it is facing the way the printer manufacturer recommends (a symbol on the tray normally informs you if it should be face up or face down).
Select 'Print' on your computer and ensure that the manual tray is selected in the print properties screen, plus make sure you have changed 'Paper Type' to 'Labels' (options vary by printer manufacturer).  Don't forget to add more sheets to the manual feed tray if needed.

Step 6: Removing the name badges

The name badges can be left on the sheet until required and peeled off for delegates, or you can peel the name badges out from the back of the sheet - keeping the backing on the name badge so it doesn't stick to things you don't want it to.  If needed, the badge can then be posted to the delegate along with their meeting invitation or instructions and they can peel off the backing sheet just before they enter the meeting.
Here is our completed design...

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