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Trimmers and Guillotines for the Office
Do you ever have large quantities of paper that need to be cut accurately with a professional finish? Why spend hours in the office cutting pieces of paper when you can have a heavy duty guillotine which will allow you to effortlessly cut through large volumes of paper, saving time and effort in the office. Avery® has a range of trimmers and guillotines with great features to ensure you get a safe and practical solution based on your office needs. Whether you are doing a large amount of paper to cut or you have just a few pieces we have a guillotine or trimmer that will do the job for you.

Here are some of the great features of Avery Trimmers and Guillotines:
  • All of our trimmers and guillotines have a product guarantee
  • All trimmers and guillotines are TUV-certified for safety and quality
  • A range of sizes and cutting capacities allowing you to select a product you really need
  • Table area markings to ensure an accurate cut
So what’s the difference between a trimmer and a guillotine?
  • A guillotine allows you to get an accurate cut when needing to cut larger amounts of paper. Use the Avery Precision Guillotine PG360 which has great features such as a movable bar on the templates which is magnetic and lockable to allow you to replace your paper in the exact same position for repeat and accurate cutting, making it ideal for those bulk jobs.
  • If you are trimming posters or leaflets, a guillotine will ensure you save time and achieve a great finish. If you need an easy to use guillotine try the Avery Office Guillotine for a medium or low capacity of paper.
  • For smaller amounts or for regular use, try a trimmer such as the Compact Trimmer A4CT which is portable and lightweight to allow you to easily move it around the office and is ideal for regular paper trimming.
The full trimmers and guillotines range offers you the perfect solution for all your paper cutting needs!

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