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Avery® Indexing and Dividers are EcoFriendly
Many people consider climate change and global warming the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today. These issues affect everyone in the world but the good news is that everyone can also be a part of the solution.

It is the hope of Avery® that sustainable environmentally friendly living becomes second nature. Reduce, reuse and recycle is a company mantra and we hope that by developing Avery EcoFriendly products, we can make it easier for you to become environmentally conscious.

The card used to make Avery Indexing products is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means you can rest assured that you are using paper based products that are sourced from genuinely responsibly managed forests. As well as our FSC certification, these products are also recyclable, Elementary Chlorine free and RoHS certified.

The Avery Indexing range makes things simpler for you by being EcoFriendly, and also by helping you organise your life and find things more easily.

Whether you need to create a professional looking client presentation, or simply organise your documents for easy reference, there is an Avery divider system to suit you. Our dividers come in all kinds of styles from simple colour coded tabs, to PC customisable products that allow you to print off individual tabs and table of contents sheets.

If you are after something for easy reference, our Mylar range offers pre-printed solutions such as A-Z, Jan- Dec and 1-31 part dividers. For professional documents that look as good as print shop products, our ReadyIndex™ printable range allows you to customise your table of contents sheets, add logos and text, while Avery IndexMaker™ also enables you to design your own divider tabs too - for the most professional touch.

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