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Presentations & Meetings

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Avery Indexing and Dividers are Eco-friendly

The Avery Indexing range makes things simpler for you by being EcoFriendly, and also by helping you organise your life and find things more easily.

Trimmers and Guillotines for the Office

Why spend hours in the office cutting pieces of paper when you can have a heavy duty guillotine which will allow you to effortlessly cut through large volumes of paper.

Step By Steps

Create Self Adhesive Name Badges

It's easy to create professional looking name badges using Avery Self Adhesive Laser Name Badges and free Avery software.

Create your own combined invitations and name badges

Use Avery's all-in-one invitations and name badges to create a professional impression.

Create Tabs with IndexMaker Dividers

The Easy Apply™ label strip that comes with Avery® IndexMaker® Dividers, it's even easier to label all your tabs at once.

Create Well-Organised Professional Filing and Storage

It's simple to keep things neat and organised, without spending lots of time. All you need are Avery® Ready Index™ Dividers.

Make Your Presentations Professional

Create a great business impression with preofessional looking DVD's and cases