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Top 10 Hints & Tips for being More Eco Friendly in the Office!

Do you view yourself as eco-friendly? How often do you consider your impact on the environment? Like many of us, do you make a concerted effort at home but struggle to remain environmentally aware in the workplace? Well, even small changes can make a big difference! For example, did you know that by switching off your computer monitor at night you can save enough energy to print up to 800 pages of Avery Laser Labels? By following our simple 10 point guide, you and your company can become more eco-friendly and save money too!

  • 1. Re-Use

    The first logical step in any green strategy is to consider what you can re-use. Try:
    Transforming scrap paper into notepads by chopping them with Avery Trimmers and collating the pieces with Bulldog Clips.
    Organising a stationery amnesty. Pool together pens, pencils, staplers and other stationery equipment before placing your next order.

  • 2. Reduce Energy

    With the rising cost of utilities, businesses will be taking a keen interest in reducing their overheads. Try:
    Turning the heating thermostat down by 1o C and see your annual heating bill come down by up to 10%;
    Turning computers off when not in use - especially overnight and during weekends;
    Using blinds or opening windows to reduce the office temperature rather than air conditioning.

  • 3. Reduce Water Water

    Water is becoming an increasingly expensive and valuable commodity so every effort should be made to minimise water use in offices. Try:
    Installing dual flush toilets;
    Fixing push tap buttons on sinks which can cut down water usage by 50%.

  • 4. Reduce Waste

    With landfills close to capacity, increased fines will be levied on companies who do not reduce their waste. To avoid this try:
    Re-using envelopes, cardboard packaging and Jiffy bags by overlabelling them with Avery BlockOUT Labels;
    Avoiding window envelopes which are difficult to recycle;
    Setting your printer default to double sided printing so that both sides of a sheet of paper are used.

  • 5. Green Your Workplace

    Keeping work areas organised can encourage employees to “think green”. Try:
    Providing sturdy and clearly marked storage containers for stationery items that can be reused, like packaging;
    Placing a used paper tray by the printer to reuse as notepaper;
    Providing recycling boxes for paper and plastic;
    Putting plants in the office to literally green your workplace! Not only do they look good but plants can reduce air pollution in enclosed spaces too.

  • 6. Dispose of Waste Responsibly

    Good waste management is more than simply reducing what you throw away. As much as possible, waste should be diverted away from landfill. Try:
    Providing a collection point for used batteries and finding out how your local council disposes of them safely;
    Arranging for fluorescent lighting to be recycled or safely disposed of in small quantities;
    Providing suitable containers for composting food waste.

  • 7. Buy Green

    The following pages offer practical tips for making environmentally friendly purchasing decisions across a range of commodities.

    • Energy

      Massively reduce your carbon emissions by switching to a green energy tariff which sources energy from renewable sources such as solar power, wind turbines, biomass, ground source heat pumps and small-scale hydro power. Ask your current electricity supplier about options or visit or

    • Equipment

      Get advice from the Energy Saving Trust when buying IT equipment, look for multifunction machines rather than individual faxes, printers, scanners and copier. Choose a fast boil eco-kettle over a conventional appliance.

    • Stationery

      Co-ordinate your orders to reduce the number of deliveries to your office. Opt for a stationery supplier who is committed to providing a choice of environmentally friendly products. Where possible, specify recycled products such as paper, labels, envelopes, cardboard, pencils, stationery and office furniture. Choose paper and wood products which are FSC-certified to guarantee that they come from certified sustainable sources

  • 8. Travel Wise

    Set up a car share scheme for people who live close to each other.
    Encourage people to use public transport where possible.
    Talk to a local cycle supplier about introducing a bike scheme.
    Consider the use of tele- and video-conferencing to minimise air travel and car mileage.

  • 9. Recycle It!

    Provide recycling bins in the offices for paper, plastic, drinks cans, cartridges, toners and glass
    If you have sufficient volume of drinks cans, you may be able to receive revenue from a specialist contractor.
    Contact your office cleaning company to ascertain whether or not they offer recycling services.

  • 10. Spread the word!

    Tell employees about how they can make a difference.
    Put up posters and/or stickers to remind people about the simple actions they can take to make your organisation more eco-friendly.
    Publicise your environmental policy.
    Get involved with Avery Green Office Week.
    Tell suppliers and customers about your actions and encourage them to do the same.

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