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Take the Mystery Out of Mail Merge with Avery®!
Make mail merge easy with our fantastic FREE Wizard software for Microsoft® Office! In just a few steps, you can create your own mailing list and perform a “mail merge” for fast, easy addressing labels just the way you want them. It’s a terrific time-saver that you won’t want to miss!

1. Collect Your Names and Addresses

If your address book consists of handwritten names and addresses, not to mention scribbled scraps of paper and torn off return address labels, then you’ve come to the right place. When you create your single, consolidated mailing list, that’s your key to saving you time in the long run. Instead of hand addressing envelopes year after year, all you have to do is enter the names and addresses one time in your database program.

2. Select a Database Program

Whether you have different mailing lists in different programmes, or you’re creating one for the first time, choose one database program you’ll want to use to enter your information. Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Outlook® are two programs you might consider. Once you’ve entered your names and addresses to create your mailing list, updating your information is a snap. No more crossing out addresses in your address book every time someone moves and gets a new address.

3. Download Free Avery® Wizard Software

The Avery Wizard software for Microsoft Office is available for free. The software imports the names that you just typed into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Outlook program, or other major database program, and gets them ready to print.
Learn more about the Avery Wizard and see how it works.

4. Merge Your Information with the Avery Wizard

Now you’re ready for the fun part. Just open the file which contains your mailing list, and click the Avery Wizard button in your Microsoft toolbar. From the menu, select the Avery Addressing Labels product you’re using. Next, select a design template. Then choose the field names from your mailing list. This is the information you want included on the labels. Typically, the field names you’ll include are First Name, Last Name, Address, Town/City, County, and Postcode. And in just a few more clicks, you’re finished. Could it be any easier?

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions for this part, check out our easy step-by-step guide: How To Go From Mailing List to Address Labels.

5. Peel and Mail, and Off In the Post They Go!

Now that you’ve conquered the task of creating a mailing list and the mail merge, here’s one more handy tip to complete your successful mailing. Use Avery QuickPEEL™ Clear Addressing Labels on your envelopes. They’ll give you that clean, printed-on look. Plus, with the QuickPEEL feature, it’s easy to grab the edge of the label to peel it from the backing sheet. Just print the labels, separate the label sheet into columns, grab hold of the edge and peel. See how it works and and view the QuickPEEL video demo!

Now that the mail merge is no longer a mystery, try it out yourself. Just download our FREE Avery Wizard software to get started. Once you create your own mailing list and accomplish the mail merge, you’ll agree that any of your mailings are going to be much easier from now on.

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