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two ways to peel labels
Organise your Mailings Faster and Easier Than Ever!
Your heart starts to beat a little faster, and you tense up just thinking about it. Looks like another big mailing project is fast approaching. And when you’re already working at full capacity, and there’s no way to delay the mailing, it’s no wonder you’re not relishing the idea!

Take a deep breath - let Avery® QuickPEEL™ Addressing Labels and Avery Wizard labelling software take out some of the hard work for you. Here’s how:

Import the Addresses

Open or create your mailing list and import the addresses onto the label. The Avery Wizard for Microsoft® Office will help you do this easily. If you want to know how to get your mailing list onto address labels see our easy step-by-step guide.

Printing Labels Without Stress and Minus Printer Jams!

When you’re trying to print labels and they get jammed in the printer or feed crookedly it can be a nightmare, but one that is easily fixed! Now print on QuickPEEL Addressing Labels. They are guaranteed Jam Free™ and provide an excellent print quality!

Peeling and Applying Labels is Easier and Faster Than Ever!

When you have a lot of envelopes to send, the worst part of it can be peeling and applying all those address labels, one after another. Here’s a way to speed things up: with Avery QuickPEEL Addressing Labels, you just separate the sheets into columns to expose the edge, peel and apply. See how fast and easy these labels work with our online QuickPEEL demo.

And, if you have less labels to apply, you can still peel the labels off in the normal way. These labels give you two ways to use them.

Become More Green in the Office

Avery QuickPEEL Labels are fully FSC certified, so now you can do an extra bit to help the environment. Find out how you can help.

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