Important mail
would be lost
without Avery
Researchers find saying it
with a letter is more powerful
than an email.
It's a question we ask at work whenever we're faced with sending an important message: "Shall I fire off an email or pop a letter in the post?" In today's fast-paced and busy world, we often turn to the quickest option. And yet a new study by Chartered Psychologists at London Metropolitan University has shown that the fastest option isn't necessarily the best when it comes to communicating an important message.

The study looked at how different groups responded to an identical message when it was communicated by either email or letter. The results found that letters created more of a positive impact than emails, coming across as more personal and making the recipient feel more important. Those taking part in the study scored letters as typically 60% more engaging and 40% more trustworthy than emails that communicated the same message.

The study also found that the look and feel of the envelope, the paper on which the letter is written or printed on, and the quality and presentation of the labels used for displaying information like addresses all help contribute to the impact a letter has.

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Important mail would be lost without Avery... researchers find 'saying it with a letter' is more powerful than a letter.

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