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Help Protect the Environment with Avery® EcoFriendly Labels

Do you view yourself as eco-friendly? How often do you consider your impact on the environment? Like many of us, do you make a concerted effort at home but struggle to remain environmentally aware in the workplace? Well, even small changes can make a big difference! For example, did you know that by switching off your computer monitor at night you can save enough energy to print up to 800 pages of Avery® Laser Labels? Many of us are keen to take more responsibility for protecting the planet for future generations and using eco-friendly products is a simple way to start! Avery’s range of addressing, mini and removable EcoFriendly Labels work for the environment by:

  • Supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide
  • Being fully recyclable as part of your normal recycling
  • Containing a water-based, eco-friendly adhesive
  • Using elementary chlorine free bleach (ECF)
  • Including packaging made from recycled cardboard

Why choose FSC certified products? An area of ancient forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every 2 seconds, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to bring us paper products…that equates to an area the size of France and Spain in the last 10 years!

Choosing products which are manufactured with material sourced from well managed forests means that not only are the forests protected, the people who live and work within them are also. Bodies such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ensure that all materials generated from forests under their certification scheme conform to the highest ethical standards. By supporting the FSC, Avery can ensure that only well managed forests are used to provide paper for our products.

Did you know that Avery offers a variety of eco-friendly products? Why not see how you can do even more for the environment with Avery? Find out more.

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