If you’ve ever lost something important, from personal possessions to company property, you’ll know how disastrous this can be. Hands Off Week is the time to think about the simple things we can all do to help avoid the chaos caused when things go missing. Packed with tips, advice, prizes and simple solutions, Hands Off Week is dedicated to deterring theft and helping to see lost property rightfully returned.

Get ready for Hands Off Week with Avery’s range of durable, customisable Labels and Signage, they’re a great place to start when it comes to protecting possessions and safeguarding gadgets.

Don’t forget to try your luck in the Avery Lost Property Box too – you never know what you might win!

Find and win a hidden prize!
Keep your eyes on the Hands Off Week website and the Avery social media channels and see if you can spot our hidden prize, an Amazon Kindle with a special label on it. It will pop up online sometime during the week, when you spot the labelled Kindle, let us know and you could win it!


Mark It Monday

Take some simple steps to deter theft and help see lost property returned


Tamper-Proof Tuesday

Is your technology tamper-proof? Take action today


Warning Wednesday

Warn off would-be thieves and signpost hazards in the workplace

No Thieving Thursday

A light-hearted look at what goes missing in the workplace and who’s behind it!


Find it Friday

Focus on lost property, plus we announce the winner of our hidden prize!