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ECO Labels
Help protect the environment with

Avery® EcoFriendly Labels

Do you see yourself as Eco friendly? How often do you think you consider the environment? Often, we can consider our impact on the world around us whilst at home, but not carry it through in our workplace

Simple things can make a big difference. For example, did you know that by switching off your computer monitor at night, you can save enough energy to print up to 800 pages of Avery laser labels?

If everyone plays a part in looking after the environment it can help save the planet for future generations. Using eco-friendly products is a great way to make a difference and a range of Avery® EcoFriendly Labels is now available:
  • Avery® Labels are FSC certified
  • Can be recycled as part of your normal recycling
  • Contain an eco-friendly adhesive
  • Are elementary chlorine free (ECF)
  • Packaging is made from recycled cardboard
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