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Avery® Colour Laser - Get the Most Out of Your Colour Laser Printer!
Your colour laser printer is a sophisticated print solution. Why not make the most of it with Avery products designed just for colour laser printers?

Obtain perfect printing results with the extensive colour laser range from Avery.
Optimised for the requirements of colour laser printers, Avery products guarantee brilliant colours, sharp contours and protect sensitive equipment components in your colour laser printer.
  • Professional: high colour brilliance and sharp contours
  • Reliable: heat-resistant materials guarantee jam-free performance
  • Compatible: suitable for all current colour laser printers and copiers
End to end, we offer an extensive range of products that will work perfectly with your colour laser printer. Explore our products and discover the colour laser options:
  • Premium Colour Laser Photo Paper
  • Colour Laser Photo Papers
  • Colour Laser Papers
  • Quick&Clean™ Colour Laser Business Cards
  • Glossy Labels
  • CD and DVD Labels
  • Laser Addressing Labels
  • Clear Addressing Labels
  • Transparencies
Perfect Results with Avery Print Solutions!

Whether you need to print labels, cards or signs, Avery has the right software solution to make printing quick and simple. Easy to use templates are available in many popular software packages, including Microsoft® Word and Microsoft Picture IT - or you can even print direct from the Avery website! Discover which software solution is the right for you!

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