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Avery BlockOut™ Shipping Labels
Billions of packages are shipped around the world each year, considering the number of cardboard boxes being purchased and used each year, it makes sense to use old or recycled cardboard boxes.

More and more companies are getting conscious of their part in participating in environmentally friendly acts. Reusing your old cardboard boxes or cartons is probably one of the most environmentally-friendly of them all. It’s also cost effective to reuse boxes and cartons, instead of buying a new batch every time.


The most common problem faced in re using the boxes or cartons in shipping is the existing address or other labels on the boxes; most courier companies will not accept the boxes with the old labels on them.

Methods followed to reuse cardboard boxes vary from company to company but the most common ones given below often lead to boxes looking old and unprofessional.

- Peeling the labels away - results in part of the cardboard getting ripped, which in turns results in weaker boxes for shipping.
- Writing or scratching over the labels – results in unprofessional and untidy boxes, the companies are judged by the packages the end consumer receives.
- Covering it with printed paper – the usage of tape around the paper label probably is the most unprofessional method of sending a parcel to your customer.
- Covering the label with another label – the below information can still be seen which again looks untidy and unprofessional.

shipping blockout 2


The best solution to make your boxes and cartons looking tidy and in the end resulting in a top quality parcels for your customers is to use Avery BlockOut™ Shipping Labels


The BlockOut™ technology of these labels completely covers everything underneath.  Hide existing labels, text or designs in seconds, specially designed for use in laser printers.

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