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Making your filing neater, better, quicker ! With Avery® Filing Labels.  Make your files look neater with Avery Filing Labels. Printed labels are easier to read so you can then find files faster. Avery Filing Labels are better for the environment too as these labels are eco-friendly. It’s quicker to design and print your labels when you download the new Avery Filing Label Designer. The step-by-step process allows you to create your labels in minutes.

The BlockOut™ feature means you can re-use files again and again as the label completely covers old text or labels. And as these labels are now bright white you will get a fresh, new look every time. You can be confident you are helping the environment too as these labels are now FSC certified made with paper from well managed forests.
Find out more about Avery BlockOut™ Filing Labels.
Avery Filing Labels Avery offers a range of labels for all your filing needs. Whether you use lever arch files, ring binders, or archive boxes there will be a suitable label for you. If you are unsure about which filing label you need you could request our filing sample pack to try before you buy.

New: Premium Design 2in1 Filing Labels You can give your files a modern and attractive look with the new Avery Premium Design2in1 Filing Labels. Plus colour coding makes it even easier to find the file you need. These filing labels make colour coding simple as each label has a coloured attachment. So you could use the red label for invoices and the blue label for purchase orders. If you don’t want to use the colour coding simply detach the bottom and use these labels as normal.

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