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The end of the financial year is here!

Does the end of the financial year time bring about a wave of anxiety? When you’re navigating a sea of paperwork, it can make anyone feel overwhelmed. But there’s a simple way to make finance and tax preparation easier, whether you’re working with a professional or filing yourself. Now let’s get all that paperwork organised. Here’s a simple and colourful way to sort your paperwork by type.

  • A colour-coded filing system can help you get more out of your organisation.

  • Using Avery filing Labels in different colours can help you identify folders quickly and easily by category. Follow these steps:

  • Assign a colour for each category

  • For example, green = income documents, and blue = deduction/credit records, etc.

  • Customise your file folder labels with Avery Design & Print Online

  • Avery File Folder Labels are available in assorted colours, or you can use free colourful design templates on Avery Design & Print Online to customise Avery Arched Labels. Create custom titles for your folder labels and print.

  • Use the same colour labels for multiple folders that fit under the same category

  • Think “birds of a feather flock together.” So while your day care expenses and property tax receipts may be kept in separate folders, since they belong to the same category of “deduction/credit records” the same colour label will appear on both folders. It’ll make these items easy to find when you’re tackling each category of your taxes.

  • File away your paperwork into designated folders

  • This filing system is not only great to use this year, but also a good way to collect and sort paperwork throughout the year to get a head start on next year’s taxes.

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