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The Professional Filing Solution
Create a simple and easy way to locate and store your files with Avery® Filing Labels. Specially designed to fit the spine of lever arch, ring binders, elasticated folders, box files and suspension files, Avery Filing Labels dramatically improve the look of your file folders and help to make your filing system more efficient.

These filing labels are completely opaque and will conceal your old file label completely, enabling you to use the same folder again whilst ensuring a professional-looking filing system.

With the free Avery Wizard software, it’s easy to design and print your labels direct from your desktop, create your own images and add barcodes for an archiving system.

Here are some additional tips to make your filing system work even better:
  • Add images and make a theme for your files, making them instantly recognisable
  • Use a colour-coded filing system which can be easily combined with other filing systems—alphabetical, numerical or chronological
  • If you have a filing system which is used by many, consider implementing a “library” system for your shared files. This way, anyone is able to remove a file, but only one designated file manager should re-file it, just like a librarian. In this way, the file will always be returned to its proper place.
Before you cover up another coloured file folder with a white label, try using Avery Filing Labels instead. They're the clear choice for professional looking labels!

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