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Desctop Range
Stylish Avery® Desktop Range Goes EcoFriendly!
It’s a well known fact that an organised desk can help reduce your stress levels, so why not take a look at the stylish black desktop products available from Avery? These environmentally friendly products are manufactured from 100% post-consumer recycled polystyrene and are 100% recyclable.

It is said by Reiki healers that the colour blue has a calming, relaxing effect. So, in addition to our stylish black desktop products range, we also offer stylish blue products . The blue range is manufactured from 96% recycled polystyrene and is also 100% recyclable!

These environmentally friendly products are designed to be highly functional with an angled base on all letter trays, magazine racks, bookracks and file sorters to ensure that papers and files remain in place. The range enables efficient and stylish organisation of all your desktop papers, files, books and sundries. View our desktop product range without delay so that you too can reduce your stress, organise your desk and be eco-friendly at the same time!

Did you know that Avery offers a variety of eco-friendly products? Why not see how you can do even more for the environment with Avery? Find out more.

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