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Organising your office and paper work made easy!

Feeling sluggish at your desk? Not as productive as you should be? It might not be you, it could be those unwanted "paper pounds" at your workstation holding you down. Unorganised files and paperwork piles not only affect how you work, it can also cost you time. Find out how to make a little more time for yourself just by organising a messy workspace.

Lose that muffin top on your desktop

When the paperwork starts to hang over the sides of your desk and you barely have enough room to work on your current projects, it's time for a desktop diet.

Take it off - Clearing the clutter isn't going to happen overnight. Make a schedule to tackle that paperwork--whether it's a stack a day or a pile a week. Create "keep or purge" labels with free Design & print online software to make it easier to sort through your stuff on the spot.

Keep it off - You've got your “keep” pile, now it’s time to sort it so it makes further filing easier in the future. Here are simple sorting and labelling tips to help:

Label your file boxes or filing cabinets

If you are archiving old paper work in boxes or simply filing into cabinet drawers, make sure they are clearly labelled so you or others know what they will find in them. Use Blockout™ labels as these will cover any old labels or marks and they won’t show through.

Label file tabs

Ensure that the files within the boxes and cabinets are also labelled clearly so you can get directly to the paperwork you require. Avery mini labels are ideal for this and L7656 are the perfect size for swing files.

Label bulldog clips for loose paperwork

When you have loose paper work that needs attending to, but isn’t quite ready for filing, use labelled bulldog clips to keep it tidy and organised. The clips will ensure that odd pages don’t go missing and the labels will easily identify what papers you are looking for. Avery hand writable small labels are great for this.

Label ring binders and lever arch files

Avery Filing Labels are ideal for making your files look neat and tidy. Labels can be printed as and when you need them so it’s easy to keep your files up to date. You can even add your company logo to give your files that finishing touch.

Colour code documents with dots

Colour coding is an ideal way to make information stand out. For example you could mark financial information in red, marketing documents in yellow and customer details in blue. Just using small coloured dots from the Avery stickers and labels range is an easy way to do this.

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