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No need to buy new files every time when you use Avery Filing Labels

Need to get on top of filing at work? Then you need a filing solution that is quick to create and easy to maintain. Printed labels will be easier to read than handwritten labels so it’s a great way to find documents faster. But if you use Avery® Filing Labels you can add more to your filing system.

What is BlockOut?

Avery Filing Labels are BlockOut™ so they cover old text or labels underneath. Conventional labels tend to show the old text through so these labels give a much more professional finish. And they are now bright white for a clean fresh look every time so you can re-use the same folders again and again. It’s a great time and money saver as you don’t need to throw away old files. You’ll be helping the environment too as these labels are eco-friendly.

Avery Design & Print Online

With Avery Design & Print Online it’s easy to design and print your filing labels right from your desktop. You can colour-code your folders, choose from a range of pre-designs, or create your own designs using a blank template.

Avery Design & Print Online
You can make your new filing system even better with these top tips from Avery:

• Why not add pictures or logos to your filing labels? This will make your files instantly recognisable and give a more professional finish.

• Use a color-coded filing system such as blue text for finance, red text for marketing. By adding colour to your filing labels you will be able to identify the topic easier and find the document you need much quicker. Try the new Premium Design 2in1 Filing Labels which makes colour coding easy and flexible.

• Try and file documents on a regular basis so you keep on top of filing. Why not block out some time in your diary each week that is dedicated to filing?

• Create filing labels you will need regularly in one go. So if you are having monthly files create labels for January to December. That way the labels are ready when you need them.

So why not use Avery Filing Labels for all your office filing from now on? You will have professional looking folders and files every time!

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