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Keep up with the times
Do things change on a regular basis in your workplace? Perhaps you are responsible for organising files and the contents of your folders change on a monthly basis. Or maybe you work in sales and regularly need to promote changes in price. It may sound like extra work creating new labels all the time but it doesn’t need to be. When you use Avery Removable Labels it’s easy to keep up to date.

Simply stick and lift
There’s no need to worry about labels peeling off or even being difficult to remove if you stick them in the wrong place. It couldn’t be easier to use Avery Removable Labels and get fantastic results because:
- They stick securely
- Are removable without leaving residue
- It’s easy to adjust the positioning

You can find out more about the benefits of using Avery Removable Labels below.

Stick securely
Looking to change your labels on a regular basis? Need confidence that your labels will stay in place? If so, then Avery Removable Labels are ideal. The last thing you want is important information coming off. These labels stick securely to a range of surfaces and are unrivalled in sticking to cardboard and plastic – an ideal solution when you’re selling products. You will have peace of mind that your information will stay in place but the customer can remove it when required. Why not use these labels for filing too? You can be sure they will stay in place so you can always find the file you need.
Removable without residue
Ever removed a label and been left with a sticky residue on the product? That doesn’t happen with Avery Removable Labels. You can peel the label off with ease and it leaves no residue behind. If you are labelling products with prices or other information then these labels are exactly what you need. They’re also great for labelling files, drawers and cupboards when the contents change regularly - simply add a new label whenever you need to. As your items will always be left in a good condition why not use these labels to label your office equipment?
Easy to adjust positioning
Have you ever placed a label in the wrong position or not quite got it straight? With these labels there’s no need to worry if you don’t get it right first time. If customers are going to be reading your product labels you want to make sure everything looks perfect as first impressions really do count. You can easily remove the label and re-position it so your products look exactly how you want them to. Why not use these labels for signage as it is sometimes difficult to get signs displayed straight first time?

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